Forestworks NZ Ltd was formed by John Hornby in 1999 when he purchased the forest consulting and management business that he helped to set up and had been a director of since 1992. The company provides a wide range of forest services to a variety of clients including individuals, partnerships, companies as well as overseas clients.

Based in Richmond at the top of the South Island, the company's client base is predominantly situated in Nelson, Marlborough, Golden Bay, Murchison and West Coast areas but have also provided services on forest projects as far south as Invercargill and as far north as South Auckland.

The company employs three permanent staff. The Managing Director, John Hornby is a Registered Consultant with NZ Institute of Forestry.

We employ a contract workforce of up to 12 men on establishment and tending operations and also provide logging management and marketing services when returns are acceptable to our clients.

John Hornby
Relevant Qualifications:
Registered Forestry Consultant

NZ Certificate in Forestry

Professional Linkages:
Member NZ Institute of Forestry

Relevant Forestry Experience:
Forest & logging management.

Consulting services & company managment.